Intelligent Sales Assistant for Small Businesses

Capture activities, Analyze real time, Identify best behavior, Perform next best action.

If this Sounds like your Team, you need Superfone

Sales Reps
  • Spending too much time on updating the sales data in various sheets & systems.
  • Incapability to track the leads. Missing follow-ups.
  • Do not know what the next best action to advance a lead towards closure.
Sales Managers
Sales Leaders / Founders

Close more deals with Superfone

We save time for busy sales teams by eliminating all the manual work on data logging and capture all the sales data seamlessly and guide your sales teams with the suggestions, reminders, follow-ups on your tasks and the next best action to perform and help your sales team to increase sales productivity.

Automatically log calls & visits

Intelligent suggestions on your next steps

Intelligent lead and task distribution

Real time sales activities metrics & reports

Manage your Sales Team at ease

Managing a sales team brings a lot of stress and complexity to your life. We’ll eliminate those problems by automating or simplifying your tasks and boosting your team’s performance as a result

Don’t have CRM?

Superfone helps in capturing and executing the sales activities in a simpler way

Have CRM already?

Superfone offers best integeration with multiple CRMs

Secure Cloud Access

Store your call logs, notes, and tasks and other activities securely and reliably in the cloud so they are safe even if you lose your device. Retain full control of your data, and choose to delete it at any time.

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