Manage Your Sales Team

If your sales teams use mobile calls as part of doing business, it's time to supercharge their productivity with business calling featurs, automatic data capture, and seamless integration with your CRM

Increased visibility into sales reps activities

What are they doing? Remove Data Blindness. Capture all data pertaining to your sales rep activities. Configure any number of teams and reporting hierarchies.

  • Capture Notes & Outcome of Sales Calls and Sales Visits
    No more forgetting important details of a calls and visits. With notes, you have got an instantly searchable archieve of what matters
  • Monitor followups after call
    Task creation based on call and visit. Ensure no actionable is missed after each business call and visit
  • Log Every Business call of team
    All incoming and outgoing calls are logged in Superfone app, CRM and analytics
  • All Contacts added - no blind spots
    Intelligent nudges to sync unsaved business contacts from rep phone to App and CRM

Analyze the data at scale & gain insights

Is the Sales Process Effective?

  • Analyze each stage of sales funnel
    From call to conversion and the support - analyze each stage of your sales process and conversion efficiencies
    Powerful drill downs to data
  • Pinpoint Problem Area
    Is quality of contact data poor? Is Rep productivity is an issue?
    Are successfull calls/visits not being followed through with actions?
    Or it is closing? Are we losing clients due to lack of follow up?
  • Optimize calling for a specific contact
    Best time to call? Language Preference? Get contact level insight to get possible outcome from call/visits
  • Make CRM analytics more effective
    More data is available passively in the CRM making the inbuilt CRM analytics richer and more effective
  • Focus on the Leads that unlock opportunities
    Avoid contact clashes - multiple reps working on same lead.
    Avoid dead ends - let reps stay clear of poor accounts
  • Set Achievable Team & Individual Targets
    Set daily, weekly or monthly targets on calls, meeting, contact additions and track them in real time. Use historical insights and aggregate performance to get achievable target recommendations.
  • Allocate Call Lists to Reps
    Sync lead or contact list and allocate them to reps for call.
    Intelligent allocations based on reps performance
  • Set followup rules for repeat clients
    Want all your high priorty clients be called every 30 days?
    Superfone will automatically schedule followup calls for reps to action
  • Make your daily sales meeting data-based
    An hour of sales meeting and 45 minutes about asking reps what they have done? Have individual & team daily reports with full data breakdown handy before meeting
  • Reallocate Accounts with full confidence & all Context
    Reps may change - accounts remain. Allocate acounts to different reps without worry as we have captured all the context
  • Move Deal Forward Faster
    Accelerate your sales cycle by eliminating phone problems.
    Get real-time notifications about key converations to ensure you can push deals to close faster

Use data & insights To measure & drive up performance

How can I Make It Better?

Scale coaching across
your team

Make it easy to find and share outcomes of the worked Leads with powerful search, tagging, and commenting features.

  • Share important patterns of sales activity across teams for learning
    Someone handled the lead pretty well? Share that
    learning with entire team
  • Clone the pattern your Top performers do
    Increase your sales to 10X by intelligent recommendations
    of next steps that your Reps should do
  • Bridge the gap between top 20% and rest 80% of reps
    See the impact of the coaching efforts in performance
    metrics analytics

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