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How Superfone + HubSpot Integration work?

Updating your CRM is tedious but a necessary task, it takes a lot of time and the most of the businesses not utilizing the CRM effectively. Let Superfone handle all the data logging and your Sales team can focus on selling.
Rather than manually entering data, Superfone instantly matches the number you call in the relevant contact or lead in Hubspot and automatically logs the event under the right person and account. Call Logs, Tasks, Notes added by speech-to-text will be reflected in the Hubspot. Superfone alerts the sales people with various notifications and Nudges to make sure you follow-up on all your opportunities.

How to integrate
Superfone with your Hubspot?

Follow the simple procedures to set up your Hubspot account with Superfone

  • 1
    Click Integrations under Settings & Preferences in the Superfone App
  • 2
    Select Hubspot from the available integrations
  • 3
    Authenticate Hubspot + Superfone App
  • 4
    That's it. Focus more time on selling, let Superfone handle all the admin tasks

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